First Round (Elimination Round)

During the first round of judging entries are judged on technical quality, composition and general presentation. Over sharpened images, Images with blown highlights, poor depth of field management, out of focus images and poorly presented images will be eliminated in the first round of judging. Due to the high volume of entries received judges will evaluate all images on the technicality of both editing and photography. Judges will additionally judge all entries on artistic merit and unique story telling. All successful entrants images that move on to the second round of judging will be required to submit original unedited raw files and high resolution files to speed up the process. These files have to be submitted before moving on the second and final round of judging.

The contestant’s talent must be reflected in his work. Keeping the photographs unique will increase the contestants chances of going through to the next round. Although NBPA encourage photographers to rethink the genre of wildlife and nature photography in creative ways technical improvements in cameras and lenses over the last decade allows for traditional themes to be show cased in superior ways. We would like to see these images!

Second / Final Round

The original file quality and the truthfulness of the photographs in the second round will determine whether an image will be able to progress to the final round. A creative, technically superb, well-edited image, supported by a great un-edited raw file will become a finalist.

Finalist images have a very strong change to either win the category or to be nominated as an honored photograph in the category. Top honored images along with the category winners will be published in a prestige publication to celebrate the third Natures Best Photography Africa competition.