In Photography
  • All photos must accurately and truthfully reflect the subject.
  • Entrants must not infringe on the rights of any other photographer or person, or submit images that involve the conscious harassment of wildlife or environmental damaging by the photographer.
  • Images that were secured whereby animals were distressed or habitat destroyed is not allowed in this competition.
  • No form of manipulating of wildlife behaviour for the benefit of the photographer will be allowed . No baiting in any form what so ever is allowed.
  • In the case of micro photography the photographic technique of image stacking will be allowed provided that the original truth of the image is not altered.
  • In the case of land and seascapes panoramic stitching will be allowed provided that the original truth of the image is maintained.
  • All relevant information must be supplied.
  • Multiple exposures created in camera will be allowed provided that the original truth of the scene or scenes is maintained.
  • No images of captive or restrained animals or images taken in restricted areas whether for rehabilitation , protection or any other purpose will be allowed.
  • Entrants confirm that all caption information supplied is accurate and complete. Panoramic stitching, image stacking and multiple exposure must be reported in the caption information.


In Editing
  • Nothing should be added to or removed from an image aside from global and regional enhancement editing.
  • Normal processing of RAW image files and minor adjustments to colour , contrast, density, noise reduction , HDR and sharpness are acceptable. Cropping that do not have a serious impact on potential reproduction is acceptable. Poorly cropped images or images that requires cropping and straitening of horizon lines will not make it past the first round of judging.


Image specifications
  • All entries must be in a digital format taken on a digital camera in the RAW format.

Failure to comply with all of the contest provisions will lead to the disqualification of your entry.  By entering the competition all entrants declare that they are the copyright holder of the image and that they have read all the rules of the competition and that all entries comply to the rules of the competition.