• The competition will open for all entries at 06:00am CAT on 2 January 2017 and close at 23:59pm CAT on 15 May 2017.
  • The the adult and youth competitions are open to all photographers who are not directly involved in the organisation of the competition, judging process, or direct family members of the judging panel.
  • Each entrant may submit a maximum of 20 images per upload package in both the adult and youth competition.
  • The organisers of NBPA will in its own discretion allocate images used in the Portfolio category into individual categories if such images are considered to be potential award winners.
  • The adult competitions consist of (12) twelve single categories plus (1) one portfolio category . Photographers aged 19 years and over must submit their entries into the adult categories.
  • A selection of winning entries will be displayed in an exhibition at the Iziko SA Museum in Cape Town from 7 November 2017 – 28 February 2018. The full compliment of winning entries including the portfolio entries will be displayed on the NBPA website and a selection of the winning entries will be published in a Natures Best Photography Africa 2017 catalogue.
  • Decisions of the Organisers relating all matters are binding and final and no communication or discussions will be entered into.
  • In the case of the youth competition parents/guardians are responsible for the full compliance of the youth photographer to all rules and regulations of the of NBPA.
  • By entering NBPA photographers acknowledge that they are the sole copyright holders to all images entered and agree that a irrevocable right is given to NBPA, its associates and partners to reproduce and publish by any means any awarded images in all media throughout the world in relationship to NBPA. No photographs entered for Natures Best Photography Africa will be offered for sale or used by any of the Natures Best Photography Africa sponsors for any commercial or other purpose other than for the marketing of Natures Best Photography Africa, the competition and/ or the exhibition and catalogue without the written approval of the photographer. Photographers will be credited for the use of their images in terms of the marketing of Natures Best Photography Africa”.
  • The ownership and copyright of all images remains with the photographer and the photographer will be credited in all usage of the image.
  • NBPA reserves the right to crop any image used for the purpose of exhibitions or images included in the NBPA catalogue to accommodate the desired format. Any cropping will be applied with the utmost photographic discretion.

By entering your images into the Nature’s Best Photography Africa competition, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the conditions as set out above.